In Flight Entertainment Solutions




TrayVu9 Front Aurora

Latest in Portable Inflight Entertainment Geared for Premium Class


  • Seamless Wi-Fi access (where applicable).
  • ‘One touch’ integration with onboard server streaming content.
  • Simultaneous multiple screen operation.
  • Sophisticated usage analytics reporting via Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory.
  • Privacy settings that ensure user sessions are cleared with every use.
  • Complex security configurations for content protection.



Powerful Windows® Portable for stand-alone or server/Wi-Fi integration


  • Sophisticated user-interface including multi-tasking.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi integration with onboard server or internet connection.
  • Early window movies, TV, Xbox® games, music, maps, and much more.
  • Complete program management available.
More About Our New Windows Portable





The Lightest and Smallest 7” Portable Device Available


  • Maximizes onboard tablet quantities.
  • Very low cost programs available.
  • Early Window movies, TV, Games and more.
  • Complete program management available.



Innovative Customer Experience


  • First tray-integrated IFE system in the world (patents pending)
  • Lightest, least expensive seat-centric IFE system available
  • Fully configured tablet computer at each seat
  • Easy installation
  • Unit swaps with two screws and a plug
  • No seat modifications necessary

Personal Entertainment Device Solutions





The TabCaddy™ "HighPocket" is designed for plastic backed seats with high positioned literature pockets.

The product can be custom engineered for multiple seat types. Less than 1/2 pound, the all aluminum construction is durable and easy to install. Optional plastic caps in the arms provide a new source for branding or advertising.

  • Custom integration with seat-back.
  • Supports all size tabs and cases securely.
  • Smooth ‘One Finger’ operation to change viewing angles.
  • Frees entire tray for food and beverage.
  • Custom branding and advertising options.





The TabCaddy™ "Hard Card"
  • Extremely low cost.
  • No certification required.
  • Printing fully customizable.
  • Holds tablets and phones securely.
  • Can be boarded in the seat back or distributed by Flight Attendants.


Removable Tablet and Smartphone 'Clip'

The “TabCaddyClip™” is custom designed to attach securely to various airline meal trays and provide passengers a convenient way to store and view their personal electronic device (PED).  The removable ‘Clip’ is designed to accommodate all sizes of tablets and smartphones.  The offering provides airlines the lowest cost option to accommodate the flood of PEDs being brought onboard by their passengers.

  • Lowest cost tablet holder available
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Customized for specific tray tables
  • Supports phones and tablets of all sizes securely
  • New branding and advertising platform