Windows Portable IFE Tablet on Alaska Airlines


The new “TrayVu8” represents one of the most sophisticated portable IFE device on the market, with significant benefits for the customer and airline.

For the Customer


  • Wide selection of still in theater movies, new releases, TV, XBOX games, digital magazines,  music, destination content and more.
  • Custom-built user-interface offering an engaging and user-friend experience.
  • Seamless ‘one touch’ Wi-Fi integration with onboard server or internet connectivity.
  • Bright, high resolution screen with 8” viewing size (10” available).
  • Over six hours video run time.
  • Multiple screen and multi-tasking capability (a passenger can listen to music while reading a digital magazine, e.g.).
  • Multiple language and closed-captioning available.

For the Airline


  • Low cost and lightweight (just over one pound per unit).
  • Very thin – can maximize quantities boarded.
  • Content easily updated by simple swap of the micro SD card.
  • Deep analytics available as well as CRM integration.
  • For rental programs, a new and valuable source of ancillary revenue.
  • Fully customizable GUI and shell to match airline branding and guidelines.
  • Easily upgradable software.
  • Revenue share programs available as well as full program operations support.

The Skycast Solutions Windows Tablet is packed with features – for the passenger and for airline operations